From the time he was learning to walk and talk, Joey has had an unwavering affinity for landscaping. His passionate commitment to the highest standards has transformed his childhood love into a thriving business.

Today, JMR Landscaping is an experienced, full-service landscaping firm. Hard work, sincerity, and professionalism sets JMR Landscaping apart from other landscape service providers. These qualities have attracted some of the most elite and talented staff that the industry has to offer. Joey and his dedicated staff are confident they can make your outdoor living a dream come true! 

Joey founded JMR Landscaping when he was quite young and has grown the business from a small lawn care service to a full-service, boutique landscaping company. He works closely with both the office and field staff to understand the needs of the customers while delivering the utmost care and quality.

Mark is a senior project manager whose introduction to JMR Landscaping came through the design and construction of his residential patio project. Appreciating their professionalism and customer service approach, a mutual interest formed to enhance outdoor living.

Mark's background in design and construction began when he worked with a Lake Forest architect dedicated to the historic estates of the North Shore. His passion for residential homes led him to found a design & build company that focused on the North Shore, Chicago condominiums, and summer homes of Michigan and Indiana. Mark’s significant experience coordinating the growing needs of large-scale projects ensures excellent customer experiences. 

Linda has been creating beautiful residential and commercial landscape designs for Chicago’s North Shore clients for over 20 years. She is a registered Landscape Architect in Illinois with a portfolio spanning multi-acre estate plans, outdoor kitchens, pools and water features, gardens, and city courtyards.

John Carlson is a licensed landscape architect who has spent his entire career in the green industry. He has held a wide range of positions, including nursery production, wholesale and retail sales, design-build construction, and landscape maintenance. Today, landscape architecture and design-build construction are his areas of focus. 

His scope of projects includes single-family homes, condominium and townhome developments, subdivisions, retail developments, commercial properties, business parks, recreational sites, religious facilities, country clubs, and nature preserves.

Tim joined JMR Landscaping as a Production Manager in the construction division. He has a degree in Landscape Architecture and over 25 years of diverse experience in the industry, including prior positions in procurement, operations, and sales. His knowledge of green goods and hardscape materials, and their installation, will ensure the high-quality JMR projects are known for. Tim enjoys being involved in projects from ideation through realization and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to be working with the JMR team. 

Alex joined JMR Landscaping in the fall of 2019. He brings 18+ years of experience on the material supply side of the Green Industry for one of JMR’s trusted vendor partners. As our Procurement Manager, his expertise in purchasing North American landscape materials ensures only the highest quality nursery stock, natural stone, hardscape supplies, and "hard to find" special orders are sourced for our projects.  Additionally, Alex serves as the Production Manager for our construction division, coordinating the scheduling and complex logistics required to efficiently build the beautiful outdoor spaces our talented crews create.

Joel has worked for JMR Landscaping since 2007 and was the first official employee. Joel's expertise and years of experience in hardscape construction ensure the quality of our hardscape projects. As our Construction Supervisor, Joel oversees the construction crews and hardscape installations making certain our customer’s projects are installed in a timely and efficient manner.

Chris has been in the industry for over 23 years and has a strong background in horticulture and design. He manages the maintenance side of our business and works hand in hand with the design-build department to ensure that our clients receive the JMR experience.

Anne works in the design-build and enhancement divisions of JMR Landscaping, leveraging her degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture and over 20 years of experience. Additionally, she manages client sales, design, project management, and the seasonal installation division. Introduced to Joey at ILCA in 2013, she began working with JMR's design installation division as a consultant and joined JMR full time in 2019.


Jorge is Maintenance /Enhancement Production Manager.  He oversees the maintenance teams which include scheduling, training, quality control and supporting our HR and Operations departments.

Francisco has been with JMR for the last 6 years, in that time he’s set himself apart as a great leader and teacher to the team he works with. Francisco has been in the landscape field for the last 16 plus years and his dedication and attention to detail is second to none.

Kim has been with JMR Landscaping from the beginning and expertly handles various aspects of the business. Her primary responsibilities include invoicing, contracts and accounts payable.  

Dina oversees our Human Resources division in addition to employee administration and payroll.

Kaarn is responsible for tracking and accounting for field and operating expenses, preparing monthly reconciliations, and is the billing liaison with outside vendors.

Sue is our office administrator working with all our teams to ensure the highest quality of customer care. Additionally, Sue manages customer and marketing communications and technology resources for our teams.